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During our recent Pitch Day, part of the dynamic Startup Plastic Surgery programme, the FlexiPlanter team had the privilege to present in front of a distinguished jury comprised of leading figures in sustainability, technology, and business development. The event, designed to foster innovation and support startups tackling environmental challenges, offered a platform for interactive feedback, critical insights, and potential collaboration opportunities. This experience was invaluable for us, providing not only validation but also constructive paths forward for FlexiPlanter's mission to greenify urban environments.

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Chelsea Flower Show


Taina Suonio and Anne Hamilton
Cavernoma on my mind
Built by
Tom Salmon Ltd.



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Hi there,

 Our story starts in London where are many attractive brick walls, and many plastic bags looking to be repurposed. (I need pictures of brick walls with recycling bags.)

 How did this come together? Can we cover walls with planters made from recycled plastic bags?

 In cities like London, places are precious, but when we look around there are many vertical surfaces, which are not used. Now, given climate change and the cost of living crisis it makes sense to think
out of the box and make use of these valuable vertical spaces.

The more plants we have around us the better for the environment and
human-friendly sustainable cities.
They (absorbs greenhouse gas, reduces temperature, and improves air quality.

We believe
vertical gardening
is for everybody.

So we have created Flexiplanter, a vertical planting system which is:

  • Simple to install – only basic DIY skills required

  • Modular – can be bought in a range of sizes so adaptable to all walls.

  • Affordable - : the 24 pocket version retail price is just £25.

  • Water-use efficient - a manual irrigation system is included in the price except.

- Drill holes spaced to line up with the hanging tabs of the flexiplanter.
- Insert raw plugs
Screw in the hooks to the raw plugs

The planter can be installed following these steps:

-Hang the planter on the hooks using its hanging tabs.

-Use the velcro located at the bottom and the top of each planter to join to the next planter.

Each flexiplanter come all the necessary irrigation parts.

-Attach the irrigation pipes to the planter with
velcro rings.


Petra Kugler

Experienced Gardener with a demonstrated history of working in 1 Chelsea Flower Show. Contract Supervisor Aug 2016 - Jan 2022 Kensington Gardens, London. Skilled in Landscaping, Gardening, Office support. Education:The Open University BA, Environmental Studies 2018 - 2023 Environment: journeys through a changing world; Environment and society; Cities and towns; Sharing a dynamic planet. The Open University Higher National Diploma, Environmental Studies Jul 2021Jul 2021 Corndel: Operations Management and Supervision 2018 - 2019 Grade: L3 (with distinction) Permaculture Design Certificate 2016 - 2016 Myerscough College Level 3 diploma, horticulture 2015 - 2016 Project management in practical horticulture WAMITAB EPOC certificate, managing composting yard 2015 I am responsible for managing an open windrow green waste recycling facililty producing over 1000 tonnes of compost per year. Capel Manor College - Regent`s Park RHS Level 2 course, plant and soil science, P & D, etc 2013 - 2014 Grade: completed with distinction Kingston Adult Education Centre RHS Level 2, garden design and maintenance 2012 - 2013 Eötvös Loránd University postgraduate studies, EU law 2004 - 2006 Budapest Bar Chamber Doctor of Law 2003 Bar exam University of Szeged Master's degree, Law 1994 - 1999

George Weldon

Experienced Gardener with a demonstrated history of working in 5 Chelsea Flower Show.

Owner and founder of The Yorkshire Gardener Limited.

BSc St. Andrews University Biology, horticultural training completed at The Royal Botanical Gardens Kew.


I have been lucky enough to work alongside the best designers in the industry both for my previous employer where I was the Soft Landscaping Foreman; responsible for overseeing all planting projects and maintenance handovers and also for show gardens in the last four Chelsea Flower Shows including the Chelsea FS Garden of the Decade designed by Mark Gregory in 2018


Before I found my horticultural calling I worked as an environmental research diver in Central America and Indonesia

Krisztian Gyory

Experienced Gardener with a demonstrated history of working in 7 Chelsea Flower Show and the building materials industry. Owner and founder of GreenFlow GreenFlow Ltd. Partner inventor of FlexiPlanter. Skilled in AutoCAD, Landscaping, Computer-Aided Design (CAD, Sketchup), Gardening, and Manufacturing.

Dionisio Bisan-Etame

Experienced Gardener with a demonstrated history of working in vertical gardens and the building materials industry. Partner inventor of FlexiPlanter. Degree in Agronomy from Seville University, Seville, Spain.
Please visit :

*First prototype 2015 Jan.

*Second prototype 2021 Maj

*2022 George came to the board, and we start to create a KICKSTARTER project.

*2024 Maj start shipping.

Plant up the pockets with either ornamental or edible plants, bulbs, and seeds (pocket size P9 pot), like ordinary pots, then connect
your garden tap and enjoy your vertical garden. You can fill every pocket or leave some empty in order to allow
for the spread of smaller plants.

It is easy to install using basic tools. 

The material of the modules is made of recycled plastic.

-The back of the unit is waterproof, keeping your surface dry,
but your plants moist.

-The pockets are porous, allowing air and water to flow to the roots, ensuring healthy plants.

The pack contains all the elements of the irrigation system,

apart from the (user-friendly and precise) timer,

which can be purchased separately.

-Our test wall runing 2 minutes at the morning then 2 minutes at late aftrenoon.

Simplicity and variability make this planter user-friendly.

Accessible Irrigation is designed to enable living wall maintenance to be swift and efficient, irrigation is integrated but easily accessible for maintenance.

-Two-pocket version.


offers a user-friendly vertical planter system called FlexiPlanter.

The 16mm main pipe is fixed with velcro rings in front of the vertical planter, 1 emitter for each column with adjustable sprinklers to make sure the plants get the necessary amount of water. 

Extra water goes to the lower pocket and then leaves the planter to make sure the roots do not stay in the water. 

The benefit of this kind of vertical planter system 

the format and the assemblage of the planter(s) provide an easy set-up and maintenance for the users. 

Our living wall comes with a 3-year manufacturing warranty for peace of mind.

Screen Shot 2022-07-24 at 12.43.31.png
Screen Shot 2022-07-24 at 12.43.31.png

The Flexiplanter is a modular system, so you can create your bespoke green wall.

-Panel sizes: our system is available in 11 sizes.

Why use Flexi planter for living walls?

It's Lightweight This is the light living wall system at only 12kg per 24 pockets unit fully planted and saturated, it makes extremely adaptable to all surface applications, 4 hooks, each hook can hold 60 Kg in a brick wall. It is straightforward and quick to install. This system is designed for quick and efficient installation for large-scale commercial projects or smaller residential projects, with minimum disruption. 

Our vision was to design the most user-friendly vertical planter for everybody from recycled plastic to have no excuse to cover unused vertical surfaces to create more living walls and enjoy the green flow.

Engineered for optimum plant health. The structure of microfibre fabric promotes a strong healthy plant by oxygenating the root system.  


Where can you install Flexi planter Living Walls? Anywhere! 

This design-friendly system is suitable for, exterior, curved, angled, suspended, columnar structures, free-standing structures and everything in-between to any scale. With the hooks system, you can cover surfaces where you can attach. Just couple examples of the many possibilities are brick walls with hooks, wood fences with hooks, metal fences with ziplock, and metal containers with

magnetic hooks.

 It allows you to create unique designs that bring your visions to a green reality.


and made from

100% recycled plastic

 The material of the modules is made of recycled plastic, supported by smart technology. (The planters’ history can be uploaded to a blockchain from the beginning to create a unique ID for each planter.).

The  Source of waste for base material can be traced back to the location of the collection.

-Scan trust secure QR code created and appears on each product for ID scan.

We would like to give extended product responsibility to our products. 

We would like to show transparently where the plastic is collected for our product where is made and how is delivered to show a more accurate carbon footprint of the product. So this reason we would like to create a modular factory based on 2 shipping containers, to manufacture products for the UK in the UK and for the EU in Spain.

We would like to ask for your help to create a project team to bring this product to life.

For whales with a big THANK YOU.

Important Update: Change in Sewing Factory for FlexiPlanter Production

Dear valued backers,

I hope this update finds you well. First and foremost, I want to extend my deepest gratitude for your continued support and enthusiasm for the FlexiPlanter project.

Unfortunately, I have some news that requires immediate attention. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have to switch to a different sewing factory for the production of FlexiPlanter. While this is a setback, please rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to ensure a smooth transition and maintain the high quality you expect from FlexiPlanter.

Why the Change?

We encountered some challenges with our initial factory that could potentially compromise the quality and delivery timeline of FlexiPlanter. After careful consideration, we've decided that it's in the best interest of the project and our backers to move to a new facility.

What Does This Mean for You?

  1. Timeline: We anticipate a slight delay in the production schedule. However, we are working diligently to minimize the impact on the delivery date.

  2. Quality: The new factory has been thoroughly vetted and meets our stringent quality standards. We are confident that the final product will meet, if not exceed, your expectations.

Next Steps

We are in the final stages of negotiating with the new factory and will update you as soon as production resumes. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate through this change.

Thank you once again for your support. We are committed to being transparent and will keep you updated every step of the way.

Best regards, 

Krisztian Gyory

The FlexiPlanter Team

Bootcamp with

Exciting Updates from GreenFlow!


Dear Backers and Supporters,


We have some thrilling news to share with you all!


Firstly, during our sample production phase at the sewing factory, we encountered a minor hiccup. The primary sewing machine we intended to use faced some unexpected issues. However, our resourceful team quickly adapted and tried another machine, albeit a bit weaker. To our delight, this machine worked smoothly and efficiently with our chosen material combination. This quick pivot not only ensured that our production remains on track but also reinforced our belief in the resilience and adaptability of our team. We're pleased to report that everyone is delighted with the outcome, and the materials are now on their way.


But that's not all! We are thrilled to announce that GreenFlow has been selected to join the "Plastic Surgery" incubator program. This intensive 4-month program will culminate in a pitch day on the 22nd of March. We will have a golden opportunity to present FlexiPlanter to a wider audience, with a 5-minute presentation followed by a 5-minute Q&A session. To ensure our success, we've been paired with experienced mentors who will guide us in making our pitch day impactful and memorable.


We're incredibly excited about these developments and are more motivated than ever to bring FlexiPlanter to each one of you. Your continued support means the world to us, and we can't wait to share more good news in the coming days.


Stay tuned, and once again, thank you for being a part of our journey!


Warm regards,


Győry Krisztián

CEO, GreenFlow

Exciting Progress Update from GreenFlow!

Dear Supporters,

We are thrilled to share some fantastic news about our journey with FlexiPlanter. Next week marks a significant milestone for us as we are expecting the arrival of our first batch of packaging materials. This development paves the way for us to commence the packaging process, followed closely by the initiation of dispatching orders to our eagerly awaiting backers.

Moreover, we are diligently preparing for the 22nd of March, a day that holds great promise for us - the Startup Plastic Surgery Pitch Day. Our team is working tirelessly to ensure we present FlexiPlanter in the best light possible, showcasing the innovation and sustainability at the heart of our product.

We're incredibly excited for the upcoming weeks and the opportunities they bring. Your support has been instrumental in reaching this stage, and we look forward to sharing more updates as we progress.

For more detailed information about FlexiPlanter and to stay updated with our latest news, please visit our Kickstarter page and GreenFlow's official website.

Thank you once again for your continued belief in GreenFlow and FlexiPlanter. Here's to bringing a touch of green into homes and offices, one FlexiPlanter at a time!

Warm regards,

The GreenFlow Team

#GreenFlow #FlexiPlanter #SustainableLiving #EcoFriendlyPackaging #StartupJourney #PitchDayPreparation

"Gardening is good, dosen`t matter it is a vertical or horizontal garden."

by Krisztian Gyory

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